Google dips toe into Apple Watch support with News & Weather update

Google’s first Apple Watch app isn’t exciting, but it’s a good indicator of how the company plans to support its iOS apps going forward.

News & Weather, the simple news headline aggregator, was updated today with a very basic Apple Watch app, showing the latest headlines and a simple photo. The only flourish is the ability to Force Press an article to save it in the iOS Reading List, a feature integrated into Safari, allowing users to come back to it later.

The app also sports an even more basic Glance, though it and the core app load and refresh more quickly than most Apple Watch apps.

It’s unclear whether Google plans to follow up this update with similar ones for Maps, Hangouts, Play Music and others, many of which would be well-suited to the Apple Watch form factor. At the very least, we’re expecting Google to add basic expandable notification support for Hangouts.

Google News & Weather is a free download on iOS.