Google Fit update adds widget, watch face and workout tracking improvements

Google FitSince announcing Google Fit at Google I/O last year, updates have been slowly trickling in to improve the fitness tracking platform. While many of the benefits of Fit are for die-hard Android fans with tie-ins to Android Wear devices, the service is most helpful to those heavily invested in other Google products.

Fitness junkies and casual exercisers alike will be able to make use of today’s update to the Android app, which includes tools to estimate distance travelled and calories burned. Google uses your height, weight and gender to calculate how far you’ve gone and how hard you’ve worked during a given day. The app will group your workouts into days, weeks and months, so you can keep track of progress and compare yourself now to your workout history.

Along with the update, you’ll be able to add a Google Fit widget to your homescreen, showing you a quick overview of the day’s exercise and showing you how close you are to your daily fitness goals. The update also brings a Google Fit-themed watch face for Android Wear, so you can keep track of your progress throughout the day at a glance. Users of Google Fit will surely be excited to hit the pavement and take the new calorie and distance tracking for a spin!

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