WifiMapper makes it easy to find your city’s best free WiFi hotspots


The endless search for a free WiFi spot to use during one’s coffee or lunch break became a bit easier today thanks to the release of a handy new app called WifiMapper.

Available on iOS, WifiMapper uses the power of crowdsourcing to create a comprehensive list and map of free WiFi hotspots within a city. OpenSignal, the company responsible for the creation of the app, claims it has detailed information on more than 500 million WiFi networks around the world.

OpenSignal’s previous efforts include a crowdsourced map of worldwide wireless coverage and a weather app. Speaking of its wireless coverage map, give it a look if you’re thinking about switching carriers, or if you’re simply curious how good or bad wireless coverage is in your city, as there’s a lot of interesting info to see.

While there are a lot of other WiFi mapper apps on the App Store, what sets OpenSignal’s effort apart is that it layers its information on top of Foursquare, allowing the user to see exactly what kind of place they’re about to walk into to further their quest for free WiFi.

WifiMapper is currently available for free, and can be downloaded from the App Store. No word yet on when to expect an Android release.

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