Samsung launches the Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz and Galaxy S6 edge in Green Emerald

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge in March and announced it would arrive in a number of colours, including Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Platinum Gold, Blue Topaz and Green Emerald.

Canadian carriers brought the Charcoal Black and Shimmering White with its initial launch and the Platinum Gold following shortly after. Many GS6 enthusiasts have been waiting the Blue Topaz and Green Emerald colours and Samsung now says it’s “available to consumers now.”

However, there are some limitations. Samsung notes “the launch date and models may vary by region and channels.” We’ve reached out to Samsung Canada to see if the new colour options will arrive and we’re waiting to hear back. It also seems the Blue Topaz is exclusively for the Galaxy S6, while the Green Emerald is only coming on the Galaxy S6 edge.

Samsung’s Younghee Lee, said, “The Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 represents the perfect fashion accessory for style-conscious consumers looking for a vibrant, expressive and distinctive color, and the Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge provides a simply stunning color choice that meets the needs of those who want a sophisticated, yet unique looking mobile device.”

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