Standalone Google Photos app ready for launch at Google I/O

Photographers looking for a powerful, cross-platform solution for backing up lots of photos to the cloud might just be done waiting come June. Google Photos, described by many as one of the best online photo storage solutions, is all set to break out from Google+. Google’s social networking platform, which has suffered harsh criticisms from non-users since its inception, is more than likely holding the photo service back from its true potential.

In effect, the Photos service has already begun tying into other Google services long before this latest news, with connections to Blogger and YouTube in previous years. Just this spring, Google announced that Photos would be getting an official folder in Google Drive accounts tied to users’ Google+ profiles, so it appears any announcement this summer would simply formalize the separation of the Google Photos service from the core social aspect of Google+.

With several competing services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Flickr also competing for dominance in the photo storage wars, there are several other steps Google may take to improve its Photos application. One long-standing complaint for free users is that images are cropped to a maximum of 2048 px * 2048 px, and since camera phones now produce larger photos, this limitation may be addressed. Another possible improvement to the service would be to make sharing photos to services like Facebook and Twitter more straightforward.

After the announcement in February by Google Senior VP Sundar Pichai that photos and streams would be splitting, it seems as though Google is officially going to be announcing the finalization of these plans at the end of the month. Google I/O starts on May 28, so we won’t have long to wait until we know for sure.

[source]Bloomberg Business[/source]