Adobe Photoshop Touch disappearing, replacement Project Rigel teased

Adobe has been hard at work over the last few years making useful productivity tools for mobile devices to complement its extensive desktop Creative Cloud suite. However, this means that some of the early Adobe mobile apps must shuffle off to make room for the new ones.

Adobe announced on Thursday that it will no longer sell its Photoshop Touch app on iTunes or Google Play as of next week, and no new updates will be provided. The app represents a different time for Adobe, when it was selling standalone versions of applications, whereas now the focus rests in subscriptions like Creative Cloud. This new strategy bundles the use of free to download applications on mobile devices with the powerful desktop apps the company is known for. There are more than a dozen very powerful apps on iOS (and a few on Android so far) for designers, developers, artists and publishers, and better Android support has been promised.

After all these years, most people probably won’t miss or notice this app’s disappearance, as many users have likely moved on to more modern Adobe apps, or the many alternatives that are now available. It should be noted that the app will not disappear for people who are using it though, so now we just have to wait and watch the demo video for Project Rigel. Adobe doesn’t provide much detail outside of a teaser video, but it will be much more powerful than Photoshop Touch, and is currently expected to be available around the end of this year.