Inbox by Gmail is soon getting signatures and one-tap deletes


Inbox by Gmail was conceived as a new way to think about email, taking your Gmail inbox and making it as simple as possible. However, because everybody defines simplicity in email differently, there has been lots of discussion since Inbox’s release about it missing critical features.

After a post on Google+ from Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii on May 7th listing the reasons he can’t move his email to Inbox, including marking emails as unread, adding signatures, and quickly deleting emails. The team from Gmail responded Thursday night from the official Inbox by Gmail Google+ account. The comment confirms “We’re working on both Signatures and Delete.  Pin and Snooze are both designed to replace mark as unread.”

This seems to indicate that the team is already hard at work on adding signatures to email, as well as making it easier for users to quickly delete batches of emails. It also tells us that marking email as unread is not a part of current plans, as the team thinks pinning or snoozing emails is more productive for their vision of email.