Samsung unboxes the limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition

Samsung first teased an Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge, then stated it would be released this week. Today, in collaboration with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the limited edition device is officially available.

As for the finer details, Samsung has adorned the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge in vibrant red and gold, and included in the box an exclusive matching wireless charger, a clear cover case, and built-in 64GB of storage. Along with the uniqueness of the device, with a limited run of 1,000 units, is special edition packaging.

Younghee Lee, EVP of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung, said, “The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge embodies the power of the iconic Avenger with a dual-curved edge design and advanced features that will provide Marvel fans with the ultimate entertainment experience.”

Samsung noted in its release that the Iron Man GS6 edge will first launch in Korea on May 27th, then find its way to China and Hong Kong in June. Unfortunately, there is no indication of a Canadian launch. However, for your viewing pleasure, Samsung has unboxed the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge for all to gawk over.

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