Microsoft’s Cortana is coming to iOS and Android


Microsoft has announced an expansion of its virtual assistant, Cortana, to iOS and Android devices, as part of its Windows 10 companion app program.

Similar to the way Smartglass for Xbox works on all three major mobile platforms, Cortana will be available, first for Android in June and later this year on iOS, for users to make queries and obtain information similar to Google Now and Siri.

While Cortana is unlikely to have the same system level access as Google Now or Siri, it will function as part of a wider ecosystem of Microsoft apps available on both platforms. Like Google’s official app on iOS, it will be able to send notifications and, on Android, be accessed by swiping up from the virtual home button on most devices.


Microsoft also announced today Android and iOS companion apps for Windows 10, allowing users on those platforms to sync files, photos and other items to and from a PC or laptop.