Wireless connectivity comes to Montreal’s Yellow Line ahead of the city’s festival season

Just in time for the flood of tourists that descend upon Montreal for music festivals like Osheaga, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced today that newly installed wireless infrastructure along the city’s Yellow Line, the length of tunnel that connects Montreal’s downtown core with Saint Helen’s Island and the South Shore, is now active and ready to use.

Specifically, Montreal transit riders can now use their mobile devices, whether they’re on a 3G, HSPA+ or LTE network, while riding the subway between Berri-UQÀM and Longueuil stations, in addition to the stations that previously received wireless infrastructure like Saint-Laurent, Place-des-Arts, McGill, Peel and Guy-Concordia.

Adding wireless connectivity to Montreal’s subway stations is all part of a planned five year initiative by the STM and carriers that operate in the city, including Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron. When all is said and done, the initiative is expected to cost $50-million, and will see much of the city’s subway system become wirelessly connected. The STM expects work to continue through the next two years. Currently, the city’s busiest downtown stations are receiving the majority of attention.

As usual, those of us living in Toronto are looking in envy at our cooler, more technologically advanced friends in Montreal.