This is Google’s 16 camera GoPro rig for creating VR movies

Google’s Cardboard project is nothing if not simple: place a smartphone inside its flexible walls, look through the stereoscopic lenses, and watch true (or simulated true) virtual reality on your existing hardware. It’s like Samsung’s Gear VR, just much, much cheaper.

At the Google I/O keynote yesterday, the company announced a new way for small teams of filmmakers to create content for virtual reality. Called Jump, the idea is to provide a platform for relatively low-cost film projects to generate experiences worth watching, often in locations that traditional film crews wouldn’t attempt to capture.

Photo 2015-05-29, 9 47 49 AM

Partnering with GoPro, Google will later this year be selling a 16-camera GoPro rig in a circular array that will allow filmmakers to capture 360-degree environments that can later be stitched together using Google’s own software into usable, enjoyable VR.

The move is part of Google’s expansion of its Cardboard platform, which recently received its own app section on the Play Store, and a newly designed player that accommodates devices up to 6-inches in screen size.