Rogers discontinuing its Phone Finder service on June 15th

A number of years ago, Rogers launched its Rogers Phone Finder to provide a service for customers to easily locate their lost or stolen phone. The service is very similar to Google’s Android Device Manager, Apple’s Find My Phone, or BlackBerry Protect.

Customers were given five free look-ups per month and if they exceeded this they’d be charged 20¢ per additional look up. There is no indication of how many wireless customers Rogers signed up for Phone Finder, but there are now several free services that do the same. A text message has been sent to customers informing them that Phone Finder will be discontinued starting June 15th and will no longer be supported.

In an email statement to us, Rogers confirmed the reason for discontinuing Phone Finder was because “we’re constantly reviewing the services we offer to make sure our customers are getting the best new innovation and value.” If you’re interested to have a Phone Finder like service, Rogers suggests you “consider Life360 or BlackBerry Protect.”


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