Telus expands in-store appointment service across Canada

Telus announced today that it has expanded its in-store appointment service outside of Ontario, making it available across the country. This gives its customers, or potential customers, the ability to purchase a phone, renew a service, or have a device repaired by scheduling time with a Telus representative.

Presumably, the company hopes the program will help make its retail locations more efficient and, in the process, its customers happier because of less time spent waiting in line for help.

telus appointemet

This initiative is part of Telus’ “Customer First” strategy of providing additional value to its customers. According to the latest report from the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), Telus has significantly reduced the number of complaints it receives. Of all the complaints that were filed with one of Canada’s telecoms, only 243, or 4.4 per cent, were filed on Telus, while competitors such as Bell or Rogers came in at 1,989 (36.3 per cent of total complaints) and 1,240 complaints (22.6 per cent) respectively.

David Fuller, the company’s president of consumer and small business, told us, “We are pleased to see our relentless focus has again delivered a sizeable reduction in customer complaints to the CCTS, but would say with equal conviction, that we will not be satisfied until we have driven the number of complaints down to zero.”