48 days after being submitted to the App Store, Pebble Time’s iOS app is still “under review”


In an email sent out today to its backers, Pebble says that the software necessary to pair one of its upcoming Pebble Time smartwatches with an iPhone may not arrive by the time backers start receiving their devices.

According to the email, the company’s iOS app is still being reviewed by Apple, and has been for the past 48 days. The first set of Pebble Time watches started shipping on May 27.

“The Pebble Time iPhone app, as we’ve all noticed, is not yet live on the iTunes AppStore. It remains ‘in review.’ This unexpected circumstance pains us as much it does backers with watches ready to set up. We’re doing all we can to mitigate the delay and make Pebble Time Watch for iPhone available for download,” says the company’s email.

The company goes on to encourage its backers to send Apple a message on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #FreeOurPebbleTime included to expedite the release of the app.

As Yahoo Tech notes, this is not the first time Pebble has run into issues with Apple’s iTunes App Store. In April, Apple removed some apps that mentioned Pebble in their accompanying metadata. The Cupertino-based company later said that those apps were removed by mistake, and they were subsequently returned to the App Store.

Previous to that, the first Pebble smartwatch also had its iOS app delayed past its initial release.

Non-backers can see the full contents of Pebble’s email on the company’s Kickstarter page. Pebble Time is the recipient of the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

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