Telus tweaks price plans, increases share plan voicemail capacity by 733%

It’s been nearly two years since Rogers, Bell and Telus revamped their price plans in anticipation of two-year contracts, and we haven’t seen much in the way of changes or discounts since. Today, price plan changes are incremental, but it’s always interesting to note which companies make the first move.

Telus recently tweaked its price plans to add slightly more data to its various shared data tiers.


The $20 data add-on has been increased from 300MB to 500MB; the $25 from 750MB to 1GB; the $30 from 1.5GB to 2GB; and the $45 from 3GB to 3.5GB.

Unfortunately, most of these moves are merely reversions to older prices, from before the last overhaul in November. Still, more data for the same price is a good thing.

Telus has also increased the number of voicemails per account, from three to 25. Considering all share plans from Rogers and Bell only come with three one-minute voicemails, this change on Telus’s part is certainly a generous, if minor, differentiator.