Developer Editions of the HTC Vive have started shipping

HTC Vive

Developer Editions of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset have started to ship to select developers, according to a post on one of Valve’s Steam community pages. Each kit includes a headset, two Lighthouse base stations, two wireless Steam VR controllers, and the usual assortment of cables. In other words, everything that a developer needs to “target the same systems consumers will have later this year.”

The Seattle-based company says that a wide assortment of major movie studios, triple A game developers and small indie studios are among the first groups outside of Valve to receive access to the Vive.

For HTC, the commercial release of the Vive can’t come soon enough. On Friday, the company revised its Q2 forecast, telling investors to expect a significant decline in revenue. After the report was published, CEO Cher Wang told a room full of investors that her company would more aggressively pursue opportunities outside of the crowded smartphone space.

With E3, the world’s largest gaming-focused convention, coming up next week, Facebook-owned Oculus VR has promised to reveal more about the impending release of the consumer version of its virtual reality headset. In May, Oculus said that its headset would start shipping early next year.