iFixit’s LG G4 teardown reveals a meticulously built and easily repaired smartphone

There’s still more than a week before the LG G4 comes to Canada, but thanks to the fine folks over at iFixit, anxious Android fans can see inside of LG’s next flagship offering a couple days before release.

iFixit G4 teardown

As with its Apple Watch teardown, the website used an x-ray to capture additional shots of the G4’s many disparate components. With this unique perspective, it’s possible to see the incredible feat of engineering that went in to creating the G4’s well-regarded rear-facing camera.

iFixit G4 teardown

After completely disassembling the phone, iFixit gave the LG G4 an 8 out of 10 repairability score. In iFixit’s estimation, the G4’s combination of an easily replaceable rear panel and battery, as well as the fact that many of its other components are modular, make for one easiest to repair phones currently on the market. As the website notes, with companies like Samsung making their recent offerings increasingly more difficult to repair, the G4 is a refreshing alternative to the current trend.

Check out iFixit’s website for more interesting shots of the G4’s insides.

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