Dollarama plans to roll out mobile payment terminals within its stores


In an effort to reduce long lineups and customer frustration, Dollarama announced plans to roll out mobile cash registers in most of its locations next year. Dollarama currently has 972 locations across Canada and expects to open its thousandth store sometime this fall.

The company believes adopting a mobile environment will not only be the first of its kind within its category, but could possibly drive additional sales. There is no indication of which mobile payment system Dollarama will use — possibly Square, Payfirma, or PayPal Here — but the service will also act as a way for the company to monitor inventory.

Dollarama is Canada’s largest discount retailer and just reported Q1 net profit of $64.8 million. CFO Michael Ross said in an interview, “We can do transactions paid by debit cards and free up lines, especially in busy periods like Christmas and Halloween… Definitely it helps alleviate the potential for customers getting irritated that they can’t get someone to check them out.”

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