Adobe begins taking Android seriously, releases Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC

Earlier this year, as Adobe expanded its iOS presence with mobile versions of Photoshop, Brush, Shape and Color, the company was tongue tied about its commitment to Android. But months later, Creative Cloud subscribers can now access those same apps, with varying degrees of success, on Android. This follows a release of Lightroom CC for Android, and a follow up to enable tablet support.

Adobe this morning released Photoshop Mix, its lightweight but powerful image editor, on Android, along with brand new apps Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC. The latter three are more utilities that flesh out the full Creative Cloud experience, but can be quite useful on their own. Shape, for example, takes a photo from one’s library or camera and creates vector images that can be manipulated in any image program.

Photoshop Mix is likely the most useful of the new suite, with support for basic tone adjustments, along with rotation and cropping, while also supporting more complex structural changes like layering and cutouts.

Each app has elements of Material Design, but stick mainly with Adobe’s rather lightweight design language, which is mirrored across the company’s newly-updated iOS product line. Adobe also released a new filter creator for iOS called Hue CC, which uses the individual colours in photos to create custom looks for Premiere and After Effects.

Android downloads:

All of these apps require Android 4.3 or above, and while performance was good on my LG G4, there were definitely stutters that weren’t present on the iPhone 6.