Android users can beta test Cortana in July


We’ve know since May that Cortana, Microsoft’s take on the virtual assistant, is set to come to Android and iOS. Today, the company clarified its release plans, saying that Android users will be able to beta test the personal assistant this July.

Previously, Microsoft had announced that Cortana would arrive on Google’s mobile operating system sometime this month.

When she does finally make her way to Android devices, Cortana will be slightly less capable than her Windows Phone counterpart. Without the deep level access that Google Now and Siri enjoy on their respective operating systems, Microsoft is positioning Cortana on Android and iOS as more of a companion app that is able to tap into the wider Windows 10 ecosystem.

For instance, say a person owns an Android Phone and an Xbox One. Prior to going to work, they can ask Cortana to send them a reminder to walk their dog in the evening. If they sit down to watch a movie on their Xbox after work, the Xbox will issue them a reminder to get up and walk the dog—in case, you know, Wishbone isn’t making it clear enough that he needs to go.

Speaking of the Xbox One, during its E3 keynote this week, Microsoft announced that Cortana will soon also be available on that console, as well.