BitTorrent Shoot is a new quick way to share photos and video between phones

There’s a perennial problem inherent in the mobile age: people take lots of photos, and have many places to store them, but those pictures tend to stay siloed, either on device or on the cloud. Companies like Dropbox and Google have developed ways to share content with others, but that generally involves creating a link to a web page, or to a compressed file.

BitTorrent, the peer to peer transfer company looking to shed its association with piracy, has just released an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that makes device to device photo and video transfer both easy and fast.

Called Shoot, it works by establishing a direct another device through a QR code, which the sender displays to as many devices as it wants. The sender can proffer three photos or videos at no cost, but going over that limit prompts the user to pay a $1.99 one-time fee. To receive is always free.

Shoot isn’t a massive undertaking, but it solves an oft-cited pain point of the mobile age, where content is confined to one device, one platform or one service.

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