Nest announces new wireless security camera and smoke detector

Nest Cam

Google-owned Nest held an event in San Francisco today where it announced several new products.

First, there’s the new Nest Protect.

The company’s latest take on the age old smoke detector concept brings with it various hardware and software improvements. The most significant revision is the new main sensor.

Ditching the previous Protect’s photoelectric sensor, the one comes with something called a split-spectrum sensor. According to Nest, this sensor is much faster at detecting both slow and fast burning fires. It’s also much less prone to going off by accident.

Nest ProtectOn the software side of things, Nest has introduced several improvements to its multi-device companion app (seen below). The app can be used to test the Protect, and if it goes off by mistake, the app can also be used to silence the Protect. Using a built-in microphone, the device can also test itself; to avoid disruptions, Nest says Protect will do this while its owners are away from home

The Protect also features a new design that is 11 per cent smaller, and supposedly easier to mount. Additionally, a new so-called smoke chamber is better at keeping dust and bugs out. Nest has also managed to extend the life of each unit. In contrast to the previous Protect, which is supposed to last seven years, Nest says this one will function for about 10 years.

In Canada, Nest Protect will be sold for $109 CAD. Pre-orders start today on Nest’s website and the Google Store and the device will begin shipping next month.

As expected, Nest also introduced a new wireless home security camera.

Simply called the Nest Cam, the device looks exactly like the leak we saw from last week. It’s able to record video at 1080p and 30 frames per second, and a new set of infrared LED sensors allow it to see better in low light conditions. Moreover, a magnetic stand and tripod allow the camera to be mounted on a greater variety of surfaces.

Nest App

Footage from the camera can be streamed to any mobile device with the Nest companion app installed, provided the device the app is installed on is either running iOS 8 or Android 4.0 and higher. Storing footage and watching it later will require a Nest Aware subscription, which the company launched today. For $100 a year, Nest Cam owners can store 10 days of footage on the cloud; for $300 a year, they can store 30 days of footage.

Based on Dropcam, the Nest Cam differs from its predecessor by disallowing a monthly subscription; packages must be purchased by the year.

With Nest’s new companion app for iOS and Android, which was updated to version 5.0 today, the camera is able to work with other Nest devices like the Protect. For instance, if the Protect detects smoke, the Nest Camera will turn and start streaming to a person’s phone.

The Nest Camera can be pre-ordered today from its website and the Google Store, and will start shipping in the next two to three weeks. It’s available for $219 CAD.