Quebec City airport claims “world’s first” Apple Watch management software integration

Apple calls the Watch its “most personal device ever.” While many of its features have been tailored to improving health, Jean Lesage International Airport in Québec City is now using the wearable for a different reason.

Partnering with SITA, Jean Lesage International Airport has announced “the world’s first use” of the Apple Watch for its workforce within the airport. Jean Lesage will connect to SITA’s airport management software solution and give select duty managers the ability to receive notifications about important flight information and general alerts to ensure the airport is running smoothly.

watch airport

Marc-André Bédard, VP of IT at Aéroport de Québec, said, “For example, they may get an alert to say that two planes are arriving simultaneously and have been assigned to the same gate or that there is a delay at a certain gate. Previously, they would have checked their tablets regularly for updates. With the watch, a vibration alerts them to an update so they receive vital information just by glancing at their wrist. They can then take immediate action.”

The goal of adopting the Apple Watch within the airport is to make it faster and more efficient. In 2014, Jean Lesage saw over 1.5 million passengers, a number expected to increase this year.

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