$20,000 worth of cellphones stolen from Bell kiosk in Regina

One would think security cameras would deter someone from stealing a large amount of goods, especially in a busy mall. However, Victoria Square Mall in Regina, Saskatchewan was the scene of a cellphone snatcher walking away with $20,000 worth of brand new devices.

The incident happened around 6:30am on Wednesday when a man in a hoodie went behind the counter of a Bell kiosk and took 20 cellphones, including a device that’s not for sale yet (probably the LG G4 that is being released on Friday).

Kristen Anderson, who works at the Bell kiosk, said, “I don’t see it happening when the mall is open, like when there’s customers in the stores and stuff like that… Obviously he cased it out and hit us at a good time.”

The mall is open at that hour for “mall walkers” who do their exercise and walk in circles around the long corridors of the mall. Police are not singling out a connection, but are searching for insight into the man pictured above.

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