Google prepares for Pride with an update to its Androidify app

On Tuesday, Google updated its fun Androidify app, the program that allows people to create Android avatars of themselves, to version 4.0.

All told, the update brings almost 40 new items to the app (thankfully, they’re all clearly labeled). Most of the new items have some connection to Pride—there are a lot of items related to Freddie Mercury, for example.

It’s all because Google has special plans for Pride Day.

If a person creates and submits their Android character prior to June 27, they’ll eligible to enter it into a virtual Pride parade that Google will host. Details on how this parade will work are sparse, but according to Android Police, there will be a real-world component to the parade. Some of the characters will be reproduced for floats that are taking part in Pride parades throughout the world, says the publication.

Google has also launched a Twitter campaign to promote the event. Using the hashtag #andproud, celebrities like Kylie Minogue have tweeted their support for the event and included pictures of their Androidify avatars.

The Androidify app can be downloaded from Google Play. Avatars can also be created on the Androidify website. Google’s online Pride parade takes place on June 27 and 28.

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