New Kindle Paperwhite works even harder to make reading easy

One of the most popular ways for book lovers to transition to reading on a digital device is to get an e-reader like the Kindle. The Paperwhite is Amazon’s attempt to create a device that keeps reading simple, while providing some niceties that make the experience better than just reading a paper book. On June 17, announced a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, adding several great new features while keeping the price at $139 CDN.

Some of the complaints about e-readers like the Paperwhite come from the fact that it is extremely difficult to replicate the typesetting in a printed book. The new Paperwhite doubles the resolution of the old version, now coming in at a laser-sharp 300 pixels per inch. The main goal in improving their most popular Kindle is to make reading on the screen as close as possible to reading a printed page.

Another new feature of the Paperwhite to help accomplish this is a brand-new font, called Bookerly, designed exclusively for reading on a digital screen. Along with the all-new typesetting engine the new Paperwhite uses, the font will be able to adjust the spacing and size of individual letters and between words. With this improved spacing available at all font sizes, it makes for an extremely comfortable reading experience.

You can pre-order the Kindle Paperwhite on now for $139, it will be available on June 30th. You can also order the 3G version of the Paperwhite, at $209.