Rogers adds local calling option to share plans with $5 monthly savings

Rogers logo

Rogers has added a new, cheaper calling option to its Share Everything Plans, potentially lowering customers’ bills by $5 per month.


Previously, customers choosing a share plan would have to spend between $40 and $60 on an unlimited nationwide voice and text plan, which proved to be overkill for some customers that did not make a sizeable number of long distance phone calls. Following in the footsteps of Telus and Bell, Rogers now offers the option to purchase only unlimited local calls, which encompass calls from within one’s calling zone.

The fine print states that the option constitutes “Unlimited local calls on the Rogers network or in an Extended Coverage area, excluding calls made through Call Forwarding, Video calling or similar services. All lines on the same Share Everything plan must select the same calling option (i.e. all lines will have unlimited local calling selected). Coverage not available in all areas. Long distance charges extra.”

The line to note there is that all lines on the same Share Everything plan must have the same calling option, which is a bit unfortunate, but probably easier on Rogers’ billing system. Still, $5 saved is $5 earned.