The Gameon Project helps you find your new favourite mobile games

If you’re a mobile gamer, odds are you already have a few favourite games you go back to time and time again. Another thing characterizing those who like to play games on their mobile devices is that we tend to always be on the lookout for the next game we might like to spend way too much time playing. A new service called The Gameon Project, for Android, promises to help you find the next game to get you hooked.

Gameon are advertising themselves as a mobile gaming social network, promising to use your unique tastes to make recommendations to you about games you might like to try next. The project uses algorithms tuned by their thousands of users to match any mobile gamer to something that will suit their tastes. They hope to extend this concept to ultimately create a global network allowing users to share their game recommendations and connect to games with similar preferences.

The service offers an Android app that gets some demographic information about you, as well as asking for some examples of games you already enjoy playing. You can choose to see only free games, or narrow options down to only multiplayer games. Gameon is definitely off to a good start with their recommendation engine, and as the network grows, results for individual users will only continue to improve. The app is fast and features large images that are very helpful in the search for the best undiscovered mobile games just for you.

Download the Android app, and learn more about the project at