App of the week: Hue Ball

Hue Ball

Welcome to MobileSyrup’s new App Of The Week feature. As the title suggests, each week we’ll cover an app that was released during the week and that we think is worthy of your time.

Despite competition from the excellent BuzzFeed News app that was released earlier this week, we decided to go with Hue Ball, a fun new game from developer Unept.

The concept of Hue Ball is simple. Each session starts with three circles on the field. It’s up to the player, who controls a rotating turret, to eliminate those circles by shooting a ball at each circle. Eliminating a circle from the field of play earns the player one point. Think of it as a kind of take on the age old game of billiards.

The trick is that the player needs to work quickly to eliminate the balls; wait too long and each circle gain an additional layer needs to be eliminated before a point can be scored. Additionally, any ball that is bounced back at the turret will take away from the player’s health bar. Once the health bar is depleted, it’s game over.

It’s a set of mechanics that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, making it a perfect mobile experience. Tying together the whole experience is a colourful and cheerful art style that’s easy on the eyes.

Hue Ball is currently only available on the iTunes App Store. It’s a free, ad-supported game, though through the game’s lone in-app purchase ads can be disabled. No word on whether an Android version is in the pipeline.