Google is looking for people to help test its Jump arrays


Google is looking for help to test its Jump virtual reality capture platform. By simply filling out the company’s newly released survey form, you too can help shape the future of virtual reality.

The two-page form is straightforward. After filling out some basic biographical information like what country you live in and what your job is, you’re asked to write what kind of content you wish to create with the platform. “Tell us about what you have in mind,” says the form. “Not required, but awesome answers might put you at the top of the list.”

The company also asks whether you would like to sign up for a bunch of newsletters, because email marketing is best marketing, obviously.

Unveiled it at this year’s I/O developer conference and developed in partnership with GoPro, Jump is the company interesting take on virtual reality capture. An array of 16 Hero4 cameras help capture 360 panoramic video at incredible speed.

Good luck, aspiring virtual reality film makers.