Pebble Time is now available for pre-order

Missed the chance to take part in Pebble Time’s record breaking crowdfunding campaign? Fret not, non-Kickstarter backers can now preorder the popular smartwatch.

Pebble Time is available for $200 USD through the company’s online store. Availability at other online retailers and brick and mortar stores will be announced in a forthcoming blog post, says the company.

For those that decide to pre-order today, it’s important to note that while shipping is free, it may take several weeks for your Pebble Time to arrive; the company is still in the process of sending units out to Kickstarter backers. Alternatively, there’s the option to pay $25 to DHL to expedite the process.

Pebble Time is available in red, white and black. For those on the fence, we’ll have a review of the smartwatch up on the site in the near future.