Koodo Mobile reportedly stops selling the HTC One M9 over lacklustre sales

HTC One M9

Citing “lacklustre sales,” Koodo Mobile has decided to stop selling the HTC One M9, according to one of the company’s community moderators.

The HTC One M9 was released in Canada on April 17th with Koodo as one of its early launch partners. However, according to “Mobile Master” Jonathan I, the “current price tag wasn’t moving off the shelves as fast as we wanted to.”

If you are still looking for the M9 at a Koodo location, the same representative suggests that some stores may still have it in stock. “You should call around to stores/retailers in your area to see if they still have it.”

Despite a generally positive response from users and reviewers, HTC has had trouble moving the One M9 in numbers. While the device sports a fair number of improvements over the previous generation product, it has been criticized for not moving the needle enough, and even regressing in some areas. While we had a generally positive experience with it, we found that the 20MP camera, despite its resolution, was not demonstrably better than the M8’s UltraPixel sensor, and in some situations the 1080p was of lower quality than that of its predecessor’s.

We’ve reached out to Koodo to confirm the news. We’ll update this post once we’ve heard back from the company.