Swarm by Foursquare relaunches mayorships, gains quick sharing

Foursquare has been through a number of substantial shifts in direction since it launched in 2009. After eliminating many of their more popular competition-based features like badges and location “mayorship” several years ago, the company is getting back into gamified check-ins. In spinning off these features into a second app, Swarm by Foursquare, the service hopes to win back some of those users who’ve been itching to brag about holding the mayorship of their local coffee shop.

In the last few months, both the main Foursquare app and Swarm have been getting steady updates on both Android and iOS. Last month, the company confirmed that global mayorship would be returning to the service, in the Swarm app. As of the June 22nd update to version 2.5, the feature is live in Swarm on the App Store and Google Play. One new feature that didn’t exist in previous iterations of Foursquare allows you to share your badges and new mayorship to Facebook or Twitter with just a tap from inside the app.

It remains to be seen if these changes will be enough to win back users, but there will certainly be some users who have missed these features and will be glad to see their return. You can find the updated app on Android and iOS right now.

[source]The Verge[/source]