Tim Hortons launches the EHmoji keyboard app so you can “text like a Canadian”

Your iPhone or Android device cannot become any more Canadian than this. Tim Hortons, who some say is the greatest place on earth, has released the EHmoji keyboard to the App Store, offering a particular brand of unique Canadian emoji. As Timmies says, “share our national pride, one text at a time.”

As for the specific emoji designs, there are 12 in total, including a Tim Hortons coffee cup, maple leaf, barbeque, beaver, Muskoka chair, heart-shaped flag, moose, fireworks, Inukshuk, “Eh” in English, “Tsé” in French, and a toque.


Once you tap on an emoji, say the maple leaf, it’s immediately copied to your clipboard and you must take a couple extra steps to paste it into your message.

The app is was developed by Massachusetts-based Snaps and is available today on iOS. Tim Hortons says that Android users will be able to download the EHmoji keyboard in Google Play on Monday, June 29th.

Peter Nowlan, CMO at Tim Hortons, said, “As Canadians, we have a unique way of expressing ourselves, whether it’s our distinct cultural sayings or the activities that drive our passions from coast to coast. We set out to create a set of emojis that personified our great country by capturing some of the things that make us unique and are recognized around the world, starting with the name of the keyboard itself, EHmojis – that says it all.”

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