“Sexting,” “crowdfunding” and “photobomb” have been officially recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

In its latest quarterly update, released today, the Oxford English Dictionary added 500 words to the official English Lexicon. It turns out that many of the words finding their way into the dictionary today have their roots in technological innovation.

For example, “Blu-ray,” “camming,” “crowdfund,” “twitterati” and “deep web” are just some of the technology-related words that the Oxford English Dictionary decided to recognized. For a couple of the words, including Blu-ray, it feels like the OED is a bit late to the party, but hey that’s the dictionary for you.

Some fun words like “meh,” “twerk,” “staycation,” “stank” and, wait for it, “fap” also made the cut this quarter.

Check out the full list on the OED website.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Flazingo Photos.

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