Find out what kind of videos people around the world are uploading with the Youtube Map Explorer

Youtube Map Explorer

With more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube can be an insight into so many different things. People from the world use the ubiquitous video service to upload all manner of videos, and thanks to a new website called YouTube Map Explorer it’s now possible to get a taste of exactly what they’re uploading.

The unofficial app allows you to navigate a map of the world and click on a place to see a random video that was uploaded from that location.

Looking around Canada, I saw that in Toronto videos providing English lessons were popular, which makes sense given how many disparate languages one can hear in the city. In Montreal, the tool surfaced a video someone uploaded of Rick Mercer trying his hand at fencing. In Vancouver, by contrast, what came up was a video of a YouTuber throwing money at his PC.

Seeing what comes up where you currently live is all well and good, but the real fun starts when you start looking at other places around the world. When I took a look at what people in my home country were uploading, unsurprisingly I was greeted with a funny video interview a young person had done with tennis star Novak Djokovic, and a performance by Milos Brkic.

Sometimes the tool surfaces videos from the wrong region (for instance, when I looked at what people in London, England were uploading, I got a video of someone explaining an American law), and there’s no way to take a look at the most recent video someone in a region uploaded. Still, it’s a fun and informative way to search through YouTube videos, and definitely worth a look.

Why not give it a try and tell us in the comments about the videos you managed to find.

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