Parrot’s 13 new MiniDrones are coming to Canada this fall

Parrot has announced that 13 new MiniDrone models are coming to Canada this fall. The French company, famous for its larger AR Drone, delved into the more consumer-friendly MiniDrone space last year, and is planning to refresh its entire lineup in the coming months.


Building on the success of its large-wheelbase Jumping Sumo, Parrot is launching two new ‘Jumping’ models, ‘Night’ and ‘Race’ to cater to different market segments. The former, outfitted with LED light “eyes” that can be activated from an accompanying mobile app, is meant to facilitate the drone’s camera from recording in the dark. The ‘Race’ models can, as expected, drive faster and perform tricks, with speed bursts up to 12.87 kmph (8 mph). The new ‘Jumping’ models also have improved cameras over last year’s model, as well as a microphone and speaker for voice recognition and rudimentary communication (aka pranks). The ‘Jumping’ series each have batteries that can last up to 20 minutes. Prices start at $240 CAD, and there will be three colours available in each model.

ParrotMiniDrones_AirborneNight_Mc Clane

Evolving from the Rolling Spider series, the new ‘Airborne’ MiniDrones are quadcopters that can fly up to 18 kmph (11 mph) and perform flips and tricks. Like the new ‘Jumping’ models, ‘Airborne’ has a ‘Night’ option, equipped with LED lights, as well as a ‘Cargo’ version for holding Lego-like figures or blocks. Both ‘Airborne’ models have cameras, 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes, and batteries that last around 9 minutes. Prices start at $130 CAD for the Airborne and $160 for the Night, and there will be three colours available in Night and two for Airborne.


Finally, Parrot is introducing a Hydrofoil MiniDrone capable of speeding along water at 5.4 knots, or around 10 kmph. The main drone itself is a slightly altered ‘Airbone’ that can be attached to a larger water vehicle. The kit will cost $230 CAD when it debuts this fall, with two colours available.