Apple SIM now on sale in Canada to create better roaming experience for iPad users

It’s Roaming Week at MobileSyrup, so this next piece of news is especially fortuitous. Apple has begun selling the Apple SIM in its retail stores, a remarkable piece of technology that allows users to enter into pay-per-use service agreements with dozens of carriers around the world.

Initially launched alongside the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 last October, Apple SIM allows users to select from a number of different carriers or roaming deals in any given country. After launching in the United States and the United Kingdom, each offering local service, Apple has expanded the Apple SIM to 10 additional countries, including Canada, and is working with GigSky, a roaming provider, to expand the SIM’s capabilities to over 90 countries.

While GigSky does provide service in Canada, the plans are not particularly enticing. Better are the deals in parts of Europe, such as Germany, Spain and Portugal, where $50 gets 3GB of service. The benefit to travellers is that Apple SIM negates the need to seek out a local SIM card in each country visited, as the deal with GigSky offers compelling and reasonably-priced packages in most areas.

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In the U.S., Apple SIM works with Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, each offering very competitive data rates. In the U.K., Apple has a deal with EE. In every other country, GigSky fills the gap.

Apple SIM costs $10 and can be purchased at Apple Stores across Canada.