File sharing app Pushbullet receives massive update across all platforms


It’s a big day for Pushbullet. Today the company released an update to its multi-platform file sharing app, in the process claiming that this is its biggest update since release. They’re not exaggerating; there are a wealth of new features included in this version, so let’s take a look.

Whichever of the company’s apps you decide to use first, the most immediately noticeable change is the fact that Pushbullet is now a IM client, as well as a file sharing app. Now, whenever someone sends you a file using Pushbullet, you can thank them by sending a message back. The team behind the app says the addition of this feature is in response to overwhelming user demand for it.

Beyond this paradigm change, the mobile app has been redesigned to include a new interface that makes it easy to keep track of any files you’ve shared between your own devices. Primarily, this is done through a new category at the top of the app’s main screen that called “Me.” This category leads to a list of files you’ve shared in the past.

Of course, Pushbullet is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, and these too have received an update today. Like their counterparts on iOS and Android, the extensions feature a new look and have also had chat functionality added. Using one of the chat windows, it’s now also possible to share a file by simply dragging and dropping it onto the window.

Then there’s the Windows desktop app, which to my eyes seems to have gotten the most care from Pushbullet’s development team. In addition to all the features mentioned above, Pushbullet’s Windows desktop update includes drag and drop support for multiple files.

There’s also a new feature called Chat Heads. Using this feature, a user can pull a chat window out of the app and place it anywhere on their desktop, including other webpages, apps and games. Once it’s pulled it, it turns into a small floating button. Using this button, files can be quickly and easily shared by once again dragging and dropping them.

With the exception of the OS X app, which is said to be coming soon, the new version of Pushbullet is available today. Download the Android version from the Play Store, or the iOS one from the iTunes App Store.