Google Fit adds new partners Basis, Garmin, LifeSum and more to improve health tracking

Google Fit

Slowly but surely, Google Fit has come a long way since it was introduced at last year’s Google I/O conference. The company has dutifully signed additional partners to help flesh out the platform’s fitness and activity tracking abilities. This week, the company continued that trend by announcing that several new partners are set to add their information to the platform, as well as that a couple of features are coming to help make Fit an even better place to centralize fitness information.

On the partner side of things, apps like LifeSum and Lose It! will start sharing the information they collect to Fit—after the user has their granted permission, of course. As a result, Fit will now be able to track information like calorie consumption. Other apps like Basis Peak and Sleep as Android will do the same for sleep data.

Moreover, several different fitness wearables, including devices from Xiaomi, Garmin, Endomondo, the Daily Burn and the Basis Peak have also been added to the list of devices that can communicate with Fit. More importantly, Google has created several new APIs that will allow all these apps and wearables to work together.

For example, popular fitness tracking app Runkeeper will, once the user has given it permission to do so, look at a user’s nutritional data and may, depending on how much the person has eaten, try to motivate them to “work off” their meal.

Given that the above scenario is likely what Google envisioned when it set out to create Fit, it’s likely we’ll see the company add more partners in the future.