Rogers receives all necessary approvals to officially acquire Mobilicity

Rogers announced today it has received all governmental, creditor and court approvals to officially acquire Mobilicity’s spectrum and subscriber base, as well as Shaw’s AWS spectrum.

Rogers paid $440 million for Mobilicity’s business, which includes its 150,000 subscribers, 30 employees, and spectrum. There is no indication yet as to how Rogers will transition Mobilicity’s wireless subscribers under its umbrella, but most likely customers will be offered low cost monthly plans on Chatr or Fido, its two flanker brands. Mobilicity currently operates in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

At the time of announcing the acquisition last week, Guy Laurence, president and CEO of Rogers, said, “We’re basically adding multiple lanes on our wireless highway in three key markets overnight. This means faster speeds and better quality for our customers as they use more and more mobile video… This agreement is great news for our customers and for Canadians. We’re pleased to have worked with the government to put this unused valuable resource to work. We got the spectrum we needed where we needed it for our customers and this keeps Rogers in the leading competitive position across the country.”

As part of the deal, Wind Mobile received a portion of Mobilicity’s AWS-1 spectrum and Rogers received approval to purchase all of Shaw’s AWS-1 licenses, some of which Wind also obtained.

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