Transit App and Citymapper add new features and cities in latest updates

A new update has arrived for the excellent Citymapper, which adds the GO smart assistant to the iOS version of the app.

The London-based developer of Citymapper describes GO as “a realtime copilot for your journeys”. Basically, it’s a system that’s able to quickly adapt to course changes made by the user to provide relevant information. Say you decide to get off a couple of stations prior to your target destination, GO will take note of this and offer alternative routes. Beyond that, it’s able to provided an estimated time of arrival whatever the situation. It can then relay this information to a person that may be waiting for you at the other end. Lastly, if notifications are enabled, the app will send new information about your journey as it becomes available.

Any update to a transit app wouldn’t be complete without a variety of cities being added to the app, and this version of Citymapper is no different. Both the Android and iOS update of Citymapper add Birmingham, England; Lyon, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Brussels, Belgium; and Amsterdam, Holland to the list of supported cities.

In April, Citymapper, citing a significant outcry from Canadians, added Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to its app, so additional Canadian cities may be a couple of months away at best.

Not to be outdone, Canadian-made Transit App also added a variety of features to its own app this week.

Version 3.6.2 and 3.6.1 on Android and iOS, respectively, add VRTUCAR support for Ottawa, as well as Transitmobile support for smaller cities and towns like Windsor, St John’s, Prince George, Abottsford and Nanaimo.

A variety of American cities were also added with this update, including Worcester, Massachusetts, as well as Houston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Santa Monica and Las Vegas.

With all these locations making their way into the app, Transit App is now coming up on its 100th city. In its usual style, the company had something fun to say about the occasion.

“You know what that means, eh? We’re now in 99 cities? But what will be our 100th?” asks the author of the app’s change log. “Perhaps we should add support for a future travel destination. Oslo? Sydney? North Korea? Maybe we should get cheeky and add a dog-sledding line in Nunavut. Maybe we should add a city with a ridiculous name like ‘Cow Head, Newfoundland.'”

All great suggestions, granted, but I think we all know where this is going. “But instead, we’re gonna ask you. What should be our 100th city? Rate our app five stars and leave your suggestion.”

Whatever your preference, both Citymapper and Transit App can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Play Store. Click on the links below.

Citymapper: Android and iOS.
Transit App: Android and iOS.