You may have to wait a while to get Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft announced that it will rollout out Windows 10 in phases.

Windows Insiders, the company’s term for beta testers, will be the first to gain access to the release version of Windows 10 on July 29th. Over the course of the following hours and days, people who reserved a copy of the upgrade will be the next to receive access. For this second part of the rollout, Microsoft will invite users to update their OS in large groups that increase in size over time.

This means that most people probably won’t be able to download and try out Windows 10 when it initially launches, though they probably won’t be waiting as long as business and schools, which will have to wait until August 1st for their chance to check out Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system.

Given that Windows 10 is a free upgrade for a large swath of current Windows users, it makes sense that the company wants to take it’s time to make sure things go smoothly. There’s also the fact that this is Microsoft’s final Windows release as it attempts to reposition the operating system as a service.

“For the first time, we will deliver Windows as a service, with the commitment to offer ongoing innovations and security updates to you,” says Terry Myerson, a Microsoft employee, on the company’s website. “In this world, Windows 10 is continuously improved and keeps getting better and better – for our consumer and business customers.”

If you took some time off to celebrate the release of Windows 10, we’re deeply sorry.