Koodo Mobile changes cost of its monthly plans

Koodo recently put aside its popular El Tabador character in favour of the ‘Choose Happy’ tagline. This new direction aimed to attract new subscribers and also to inject more “fun, joy and happiness” into the Canadian wireless market.

Now two months into the roadmap, Koodo has shifted its pricing strategy for its Lightweight, Heavyweight, and Tab Plus plans. While nothing changes to the monthly financing options, minutes, texts, or data allotments, there is a small shift in pricing.

The Lightweight and Heavyweight price plans all increase by $2 each per month. The Lightweight plans offer various amounts of Canada-wide minutes, data, and unlimited texts with pricing starting at $30, $35, $40, and $55 per month. In addition, the Heavyweight plans include unlimited calling and texting, plus 2GB, 3GB and 5GB of data for $65, $75 and $90 each.

Koodo also recently changed the Tab Plus option for the better by deciding to decrease the monthly cost. There are three plans, which now offer unlimited calling, messaging, and data ranging from 750MB, 2GB and 4GB for $65, $75 (used to be $80), and $90 per month (used to be $95).

For reference, we have the old price plans listed here. Below is the complete details of Koodo’s new monthly plan options.

Koodo Lightweigh Plan

Koodo Heavyweight Plan - July 2015

Koodo TabPlus Plan - July 2015

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