Instagram boosts photo quality for Android users


Instagram has famously disappointed Android users, either by holding back features or diminishing the quality of uploads when compared to iOS.

The company has never quite explained why Android uploads are of lower quality either, with greater compression and less lifelike colours. Surely it had to do with software limitations years ago, but those have long been overcome with the latest generation of Android devices.

Now, as the company rolls out 1080×1080 pixel uploads to iOS and Android, Instagram’s co-founder, Mike Krieger, told a few concerned Twitter followers that Android users would see a boost in the quality of their photos, too.


According to Krieger, the latest version of Instagram for Android “adds a bunch of improvements to the image pipeline,” resulting in better image quality beyond the resolution uptick. Why the original reason for the disparity is shrouded in mystery continues to frustrate.

That said, Android users, go upload some photos and report back.

[source]Mike Krieger (Twitter)[/source]