The best Android keyboard just got even better

Google Keyboard

Google today released an update to its official Android keyboard.

While normally we wouldn’t highlight an update like this, this one is pretty noteworthy; it adds a couple of nifty features to the already superb keyboard.

For instance, one of the keyboard’s new features is the ability to autocomplete gestures for the user. Seeing this happen for the first time is a bit wild.

That said, the best new addition is that user history syncs across multiple devices now. This means that anytime you buy a new device your dictionary entries will carry over. Note that this feature needs to be enabled within the keyboard’s options menu.

Lastly, there are the usual assortment of bug fixes and stability improvements. Google also promises that the keyboard will use less battery life once the update is installed. Good stuff.

As always, Android’s first-party keyboard can be downloaded from the Play store.