BlackBerry registers AndroidSecured domain names

Well, here’s something that will add to the fuel of all those “BlackBerry is preparing to release an Android smartphone” rumours.

BlackBerry Android

On Tuesday, the company used MarkMonitor, a service that a variety of Fortune 100 companies use to register domains, to claim and .net (see the screenshot above). The registration was caught by the fine folks at N4BB, who were the first to speculate that BlackBerry was preparing to launch a device with Google’s mobile operating system. AndroidSecured also gels with the company’s purported plan to differentiate in the Android space by using privacy and security as key selling features.

More so than the leaked renders we’ve seen, this is probably the best evidence to suggest that the Waterloo-based company is preparing to release its own Android phone. As always, however, it’s important to check expectations with these things; there are a variety of reasons a company might register a domain, many of which don’t involve a hardware product launch.