Get notifications for almost anything with the new Hooks app for Android

Hooks for iOS

Hooks, the previously iOS only notification app, is making its way to Android today. This app allows users to create and manage notifications for a variety of different categories, including movies, music, games, sports, news and more.

For instance, on the TV and movies side of things, it’s possible to create a notification for when a new episode of your favourite TV show airs (one of the more popular suggested notifications is an alert that goes out before new episodes of Game of Thrones air), another one that alerts you when Netflix adds new movies or tv shows and one that pops up whenever a well reviewed movie is released in theatres.

In this way, Hooks is different from competitors like IFTTT and Zapier. It’s library of pre-made notifications is smaller than the almost infinite amount of notifications those two apps allow the user to create, but it’s also lot easier to manage and set up. And with more than a 100 notifications and counting—new ones are being added each week—it’s pretty much possible to create a notification for any occasion.

Download Hooks from the Google Play store.

For iPhone owners that have an Apple Watch, make sure to download the iOS update the app’s developer released today; it adds Apple Watch support.

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