Uber wants to save you time by suggesting where to meet your driver


Uber is currently testing out a new feature that promises to help reduce the time it takes the company’s drivers to pickup customers.

Currently only available to select users in San Francisco, the “Suggest Pickup Points” feature recommends places where a person should wait for their Uber driver to pick them up.

Here’s how it works: users that have access to the feature are able see a pin that they can pickup and drag across the app’s main map screen. As they move the pin, the app shows a variety of locations where the user can meet their driver, and says, “save time at these locations”. Once they’ve set a location, they simply walk there and wait for their ride to come.

As TechCrunch notes, there are a couple of advantages to Uber implementing a feature like this. The first and most obvious one is that Uber drivers will ideally be able to pick up their clients in less time. This means less wasted gas and happier customers. Additionally, other motorists and cyclists will be able to benefit from this as well; they won’t have to deal with the hassle of an Uber driver clogging up a busy lane to pick someone up.

That said, as with any feature that is in testing, there’s no guarantee when or if it will become available to most users. However, if it does end up coming to Canada, we’ll be sure to tell you.