BlackBerry Blend 1.2 brings redesigned interface, centralized file manager and more

BlackBerry Blend 1.2

Starting today, people can download a new version of BlackBerry Blend, the second-screen client that allows BlackBerry 10 owners to access their phone from a personal computer or tablet. The Waterloo-based company says it solicited a significant amount of user feedback while it was working on this update, and it shows; there are several significant quality of life and usability enhancements to be found.

Upon launching the updated app for the first time, most users will notice that Blend has been redesigned. As part of this new look, apps and settings can now more easily be accessed from the navigation pane on the left hand side of the app.

Moreover, it’s no longer necessary to switch to the SMS or BBM apps to answer a message; a new instant preview feature allows users to answer their messages from any part of the app.

Managing file transfers is also easier and more intuitive with this update. The File Transfer Manager button, located at the bottom left of the navigation pane, leads to a screen where the user can see any past and in progress file transfers. It’s also possible to cancel a transfer from this window, as well.

Lastly, this version brings with it a spellchecker, and the ability to use the tablet app in portrait mode.

BlackBerry Blend is available on computers that run Windows or OS X, and tablets that are on either Android or iOS. The links to all four of the apps can be found on the BlackBerry Blend website.

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